Stress free cycling holiday

Stress free cycling holiday

Would you like to go on a cycling holiday and still get a really relaxing holiday? Here´s a good tip: choose a Cyclist Welcome destination! Find a cosy cabin or a comfortable hotel room and relax – no changing of accommodation or luggage transport every day!

On a Cyclist Welcome destination offers several cycling routes in the area, both easy half day “afternoon trips” and full day trips. They are also often convenient to combine with national cycling routes.


Sunnhordland – the coast between Bergen and Haugesund


Geilo with the Hallingdal route, the Old Navvie´s Road and Numedal route.

Geilo is originally a winter destination – which means you can get reasonable prices on accommodation during summer. The variety of activities on offer, however, is almost even better during summer. Geilo is easy accessible by train, as one of the stops on the Oslo – Bergen railway. If you are a very patient person, you may see the 7 hrs 14 min long trip from Bergen to Oslo here (NRK: the Bergen railway minute by minute, you arrive Geilo after 3 hrs 11 min). Otherwise: just trust us: it´s a lovely trip from either Oslo or (even better) from Bergen by train to Geilo.

Golsfjellet and Valdres

Golsfjellet mountain plateau is a lovely area in the mountains above the village Gol, which is also conveniently accessible by the Oslo-Bergen Railway (Gol is shown after 3 hrs 55 min in this slow TV presentation of the Bergen railway minute by minute.) Hotels on Golsfjellet offer transport from the station to the mountain.

Golsfjellet offer miles and miles of nice gravel roads where you can experience new cycling areas every day – maybe even a trip to a summit to enjoy the view?

Grimstad – lovely white town on the southeastern coast

One of the lovely little white towns for which Norway´s southern coast is famous for. You can visit several of the picturesque towns by bike along the coastal route – or just relax and enjoy Grimstad and the neighbouring towns.

Cycling has been a priority for many years here, the locals love to cycle – inspired by locals like world champion Thor Hushovd and olympic bronze medallist Dag Otto Lauritzen. The area offers a variety of cycling routes from the champions´favourite training routes to nice routes in and around the little town. Grimstad offers a perfect combination of lazy days at the beach and cycling to other nearby lovely little white towns.


Smøla – cyclist´s paradise island south of Trondheim


Northern Norway

Børgefjell is famous for its proximity to real wilderness in Norway, in Børgefjell National Park. It is also a remote area towards Nordland county and the Swedish border. There are many remote communities in Norway, and the special atmosphere you get when “everybody knows everybody” is quite unique. If you search for the combination of real wilderness and kind local people, Børgefjell is a good choice. This is an area where you will lower your shoulders and just enjoy the nature.

Helgelandskysten – the magic coast of Northern Norway


Lofoten and Vesteraalen – the famous landscape in Northern Norway