Mjøsa route

Mjøsa route

Minnesund – Gjøvik 72 km – Challenging
Gjøvik – Lillehammer 48 km – Quite challenging
Lillehammer – Hamar 61 km – Quite easy
Hamar – Minnesund 53 km – Quite easy

The Mjøsa route (Mjøstråkk) is the name of the 250 km cycle route around the largest lake in Norway, Mjøsa!

The lake is locates near the three large cities Gjøvik, Hamar and Lillehammer in addition to a number of smaller towns.

The trails are well signposted and the road has a combination of gravel and asphalt.

There are a number of attractions and sights around the lake that are marked and described in “Mjøstråkk-map”. With a bike you get to experience the beautiful lake at a close range, with fields and green hills as environment. Get real experiences and the joy of cycling around the lake!

The routes are suitable for both children and adults, and there are several different distances to choose from.

The Mjøsa route is signed as bike route 7 with its own “Mjøstråkk” symbol on the signs. It goes through a varied landscape, through forest while longer distances are close to the lake. Along the way, the city life offers possibilities of many different activities!

The tour is easy to take in stages, because the railway is seldom far away. You can get several exciting options for combination with Skibladner. Bicycle Map can be purchased at Hamar Tourist Office – Tel: +47 62 51 75 03

Easy cycled

The tour is easy to cycle and it alternates between flat and slightly undulating, and a few heavier slopes. The route can be cycled in both directions. For families with children is especially recommended for areas north and south of Hamar, Brumunddal and Tangen.

The Old Road

An interesting section is the old road south of Lillehammer to Brøttumsbakkene (The Brøttum hills).
There are also nice areas around Moelv and Åshøgda on Ringsaker, and Domkirkeodden is a beautiful place, with fine beaches and many of Hamar’s popular museums, including the Railway Museum. Through Strange the landscape becomes larger with well-kept farms close to Mjøsa. South of Tangen you are “squeezed” in between the railway and E6 in the slope towards Mjøsa, before you in Minnesund follow the east side of Vorma to Eidsvoll.

Take a break

Along the way, there is an opportunity for a break at Nedre Berg Gård, a farm on the old road, where there are possibilities for swimming, and an activity area, and on Samuelstuen Camping at Brøttum. Fine picnic areas are also located in Moelv, close to Mjøsa, and on Jessnes beach and the area north of Lillehammer, and also on Tangenodden Camping. Between Tangen and Minnesund there are also a few opportunities.

Gjøvik, Hamar and Lillehammer have good opportunities for accommodation, and along the route there are several campgrounds with cabins. These can be busy in high season, so book in advance. Relatively good opportunities for purchase of food along the way, but little between Hamar and Minnesund.

Low traffic

The Mjøsa Route is located on roads that have very little traffic and through Hamar you cycle on a tour trail along Mjøsa all the way to the station, and then on a cycleroad until you can take off to Stange. Between Lillehammer and Moelv there is some traffic, and also a short distance before Tangen. Unfortunately you need to cycle on E6 a few miles between Morskogen and Langset, it might feel uncomfortable, but it is perceived as not particularly unsafe.

Varied road surfaces

The route runs mostly on paved roads, but dirt on the old road to Brøttumsbakkene (hills), and on the footpaths around Mjøsa north of Hamar and a short piece after Strange Church.

Places of interest

Hamarregionen Reiseliv

Tourist office

Visit our tourist office Hamar region Tourist Office at Østre Torg (square) in the city centre of Hamar and get information about accomodation, activities and attractions across the region. Sale of walking and cycling maps. Bike rental from May to October.

Nordseter is located 850 m above sea level and is characterized by forested stretches, mountain ranges and lakes. Nordseters skitrails and hikingtrails in the summer are available both on the bike, on foot or on horseback.

The area is also well suited for biking. Here you will find challenges both for adults and children. You can choose to ride the light trails or the more challenging trails. You can rent a canoe or rowboat on Nevelvannet (900 m). Bike rental and organized tours like rivercanoeing for families.

There is also a service center for cyclists where you can get tips and maps. Here you also get hold of cycling equipment and help with simple repairs and maintenance of bicycles. Here you can buy extra tubes, bicycle oil and tire repair equipment, and you can use the washing facilities for bikes. You can also rent a bicycle helmets, bicycles, bike trailers and other camping equipment from Nordseter Fjellpark.

Facts about Lake Mjøsa

* Area: 362 square kilometres
* Length: 117 km Lillehammer – Minnesund
* Cities: Lillehammer, Gjøvik, Hamar

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