Homborsund via Vestlandske Hovedvei, 40 km

Homborsund via Vestlandske Hovedvei, 40 km

Idyllic ride along the old main route to Western Norway to the charming Homborsund – but a hilly and challenging route.

  • Start by the tourist information, and ride southwest along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you reach a roundabout. Continue on route 420.
  • After approx. 1.6 km, cross under the E18, and follow the cycle path to the left. Continue along the E18 until you reach Bergemoen. On Bergemoveien, turn left and follow signs for Landvik Church. As you reach the church, turn left.
  • After 2 km, follow the road signposted Vestlandske hovedvei.  This is the old main route to Western Norway, and is a hilly and challenging – but very idyllic – ride.
  • After some 4 km, you will reach beautiful Tyssekli. If you need a break, this is the perfect sport.
  • Continue along Vestlandske hovedvei all the way to Kaldvell – an area of outstanding natural beauty, offering excellent fishing opportunities.
  • From Kaldvell, the safest route back is via Vestlandske hovedvei. After approx. 1.3 km, you will meet a tarmac road. Turn right and then left to follow route 420 back towards Grimstad.
  • After 500 m you will reach Svennevig recreation ground with toilet facilities and excellent swimming. From Svennevig bridge, the route continues along a foot and cycle path. As you reach Lindtveit, follow signs towards Eide. Turn right by Eide Church, and continue along KNA-veien.
  • Follow this dirt road for 2.5 km, past Breivik Camping, and you will you meet Kistevigveien. Turn left, and when you reach Homborsundveien continue straight ahead.
  • After 300 m, turn right for a detour to Kalvehageneset – a stunning area, ideal for walks (signposted Kjekstad, and also Kalvehageneset). Without the detour, continue straight ahead on Homborsundveien.
  • After the bridge across Bufjorden, take the first dirt road, Vågsholt, on your right. Continue straight ahead, and then take a sharp left when you can see the second lake.
  • After 850 m, you will be back on route 420. Turn right. This will take you past Nørholm, the old manor farm where Knut Hamsun lived from 1918 to 1952. Follow signs for National Cycle Route no. 1 back to Grimstad.

Comments: Vestlandske Hovedvei is hilly, and the dirt road can be challenging in places.

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