Einarset round trip

Einarset round trip

LengthCa. 12,6 km
TerrainMountain roads ca.11 km, path ca. 2 km. 230 meters.
DescriptionEasy trip, save some energy for the last uphill. Well suited for bike trolley. Highest point ca. 1000 mas. by Skutuset.

The Einarset round trip is a pleasant bike trip on trails and mountain roads. Wild flowers, birdwatching and some nice viewpoints are some of the things you find along the road on this route. Chill and enjoy the mountain scenery.

This is a trip that is well suited for children. From Kamben Hotel cycle up the road behind the hotel, past the Red Cross cabin and out Kambegutu.

Out on the road towards Storefjell, just follow this a little before it is signposted to the left with “Einarset”. Here you will soon continue on a nice path, which is fun to ride your bike on with its many curves in the terrain.

The barbecue hut is a nice place for a little rest. The trail continues until you encounter a narrow mountain road. You pass by “Turkuppmyre” and idyllic mountain dairy farms. Take the time to enjoy the view, there is a little “Soria Moria” in this area. You see Hallingskarvet national park and beautiful mountain areas to the south.

When you get out on the next road, turn left. It carries downwards, then slightly up again before the dairy farm area Skutuset appears. Lovely views om the way, lovely wild flowers along the road and the Nystølfjellet mountain in the horizon. Perhaps you see an elegant common crane on your way, there are many of them on Golsfjellet before they fly back to Africa in the fall.

Soon, downhill slopes await you and you are at the junction where the road leads to Storefjell. Turn left and you are ready for the last part of the trip: up the slopes and back to Kambegutu. Here you will recognize the route at the start of the tour and find your way back to Kamben.

Have a nice trip! These are route E on maps that you get for free / purchased at the hotels in the area.

Places of interest

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