About cyclist welcome

About cyclist welcome

All the companies on this web page have decided to be particularly good hosts for cyclists, and they have had to meet some demands regarding service to make cyclists in Norway feel welcome:

  • Focus especially on cyclists and be service-minded
  • Good information about the bike route and offers along the route
  • Good information about nearby attractions
  • Good information about public transport
  • Get nice food and accommodation on the way, and have the opportunity to make a lunch pack for the next day
  • offer secure bicycle parking
  • offer a bike rental or have an appointment with someone who has it
  • have available bike repair kit
  • Provide weather forecast to guests

Many will also offer:

  • possibilities for washing and drying clothes
  • luggage transfer
  • a laundry for the bike

These businesses will make you as a cyclist feel especially welcome!

Equipment of our companies

A nice cycling holiday in Norway is primarily dependent on a bike that works throughout the holiday. Syklist Welcome accommodation companies must have the most necessary equipment for you, as a cyclist, to fix less trouble with your bike. Here, for example,

  • universal tool / repair tools
  • repair kits
  • bicycle pump
  • washing equipment