The varied landscape of Valdres is perfect for cycling enthusiasts in all ages. Here you will find miles of beautiful bike trails including one of the finest mountain areas in Norway. Combine a cycling trip with other activities like hiking, fishing, farm visits and exciting dining and cultural experiences.

Hundreds of miles of family-friendly mountain roads and trails, is prepared for you and your family so that you all will enjoy the holiday in Valdres.


Childrens mountain biking paradise

Miles and miles of family friendly mountain gravel roads and tracks will make the whole family enjoy your cycling holiday in Valdres. Particularly the area of Stølsvidda between Vang, Vaset, Tisleidalen, Gol and Hemsedal is known as an excellent bike area. Here is the short, medium and long trips cyclists at all levels. That fact that this also is the area in Northern Europe with most summer farms in operation, makes the trip even better.


Mjølkevegen from Vinstra through Valdres to Gol

Mjølkevegen goes from Vinstra to Gol through the castles in Valdres, 270 km from the train station to the train station. The trip through Valdres offers beautiful mountain terrain and one of Norway’s largest and most active areas, Stølsvidda. The trip can be combined with hiking in the mountains, swimming, fishing, boating and beautiful nature and cultural experiences – a perfect cycling holiday for active families. Milevis of beautiful gravel roads almost without car traffic and beautiful views to the mountains and wide!

Route suggestions and free biking guide

Here you will find some selected routes in different areas of the region of Valdres: Bbiking guide with 25 suggestions for cycling trips with maps. This cam be ordered by sending an email to [email protected].

Places of interest

Vasetvatnet about 11 km

Light family run on fine gravel roads in a cozy terrain along Vasetvatnet. A little hilly.

2. Paradis Round from Tisleidalen 18 km

Nice rounds in varied terrain, asphalt the first km, then forest roads / gravel roads. Good swimming and fishing opportunities along the way.

3. Nordre Fjellstølen and Tisleidalen 28 km

Little trafficy gravel roads in a beautiful forest range. A steep path towards the end of the trip where most people have to roll the bike, but otherwise a pleasant ride. You pass several fine mountain lakes and small fjords along the route and we recommend a detour to the Jettegrytene at Kvitingen.

4. Tour of Fagernes and Leira 18 km

Family friendly trip starting at Fagernes. Follow the path and cycle path to Leira and then enter on a lush and calm forest road. We recommend a stop at Faslefossen. Many nice bathing and fishing spots along the way. There is a slight rise up to the main road again before following the foot and cycleway back to Fagernes.

5. North Etnedal About 37 km

A nice trip that takes you past several seating areas and village breaks. The trip is partly due to asphalt and partly on gravel roads / lanes. Steep climb the first 2.5 km, but then a lighter hilly terrain.

6. Øyangen lake round trip 32,5 km

A nice, varied roundtrip from Beitostølen with lots of nice places to stop. Ca half the trip is on asphalt, the rest on gravel roads in a lovely landscape. A few steep hills, not recommended for families with young children or unexperienced cyclists.

7. Dairy farm area round trip 110 km

A nice trip with accommodation on mountain gravel roads through some of Norway´s finest dairy farm areas. Several cyclist welcome accommodation businesses on the route. A great experience for families with older and active children who are experienced cyclists. There are several shorter alternatives in this area.

8. “Mjølkevegen” fra Vinstra til Gol, totalt ca. 252 km

Mjølkeveien was named Norway’s 3rd most beautiful cycle route of the magazine “Reise og Ferie” in 2009. This route gives you some of the best Valdres has to offer on a bike and you can choose whether you want to ride the whole route or just part of it. Discover Norway (formerly Norske Bygdeopplevelser) offers a 6-day package tour along Mjølkevegen. Experience some of the country’s most beautiful mountain areas as well as one of Norway’s largest and most active dairy farming areas. The trip can be combined with hiking in the mountains, swimming, fishing, boating and great natural and cultural experiences. Most of the route is signposted, but not all so bringing a detailed map is a good idea.

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Her er noen fine småturer og dagsturer i området.

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