Helgeland coast

Helgeland coast

Try island hopping by bicycle on the Helgeland coast!

Why not try something new this year? On the Helgeland coast you can cycle effortlessly from island to island. Stop often, rest on white lime beaches, fill your lungs with the lovely scent of salt sea, and enjoy the beautiful mountains around you.

Soon you will realize that cycling must be the best way to get around Helgeland. You are the one who decide the speed and how strenuous it is to be.

The Helgeland coast also offers world heritage areas, glacier, quiet bays, white beaches, local history and coastal culture. All set for a fantastic bike trip. The unique Helgeland light with the midnight sun gives you the opportunity to cycle around the clock, and the trip mostly goes along the sea with few or no climbs.

The experiences along the cycle route are many and the natural elements are close. From the bike seat you can feel the ocean air, admire the scenery and feel the tranquility while traveling at your own pace.

A little practical information:

Bike rental is available at the tourist office in Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen or book online on www.visithelgeland.com.

Helmet, pump, patch cases, maps and bicycle bags are included. Bicycle carriages and bike racks for cars for rent as well.

Nice to know:

  • Plan the stages in advance
  • Book accommodation in good time, especially July can be fully booked
  • Plan grocery shopping, some stores close early.
  • The tourist offices in Brønnøysund and Sandnessjøen can carry bikes between them, in addition they have “Fly and bike” with Widerøe where the bikes are waiting for you at the airport.
  • On the speedboats you do not have to reserve space, but wear straps or ropes.
  • The bike fee is the same as a child ticket.
  • At the ferries, bringing your bike is free, you only pay for a passenger ticket.
  • At Hurtigruten you do not have to reserve space, the bike costs 10% of the car ticket.
  • Hurtigruten calls at Ørnes, Nesna, Sandnessjøen and Brønnøysund daily.
    All routes for buses, trains and ferries / speedboats can be searched on 177nordland.no

Some distances:

  •  Trondheim – Brønnøysund ca. 400 km
  • Trondheim – Sandnessjøen ca. 460 km
  • Oslo – Brønnøysund ca. 950 km
  • Oslo – Sandnessjøen ca. 1000 km

Places of interest

Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet


Appartments and a family room at Val by Åkerøy on the island Dønna.

Seløy Kystferie


Accommodation in double rooms with hotel standard in Seløy, Herøy.

Vega opplevelsesferie


Accommodation and restaurant within walking distance. Other activities available: sea fishing, rental of boats, kayaks, canoes, bikes, fishing gear, sea kayak courses. Numerous marked hiking trails for all abilities.

Thon Hotel Brønnøysund

Accommodation Restaurant

The hotel is located in the heart of idyllic Brønnøysund, mere steps away from the Hurtigruten cruise line quay and the bus station, and only 2 kilometres from Brønnøysund Airport. There is a large and convenient parking lot adjacent to the hotel.

Lovund Hotel

Accommodation Restaurant

Hotel rooms with sea view, fishermans shack by the sea and family accommodation in cabins and holiday houses.



Comfortable furnished 6-beds flat at Åker on the isle of Dønna. 2 bedrooms with 3 beds each, bathroom with sauna, kitchen with cold storage and livingroom with TV.

Ready to go – Self-guided tours along the Helgeland coast

Why not skip the planning and go for a convenient self-guided package? Here are some available packages:

Visit Helgeland cycling packages

  • 3-day trip Brønnøysund – Vega
  • 3-day trip island hopping Sandnessjøen and Herøy/Dønna
  • 7-day trip island hopping to the exotic Træna music festival

Read more and book your trip


Package from Discover Norway: a great 7-day island hopping trip along the Helgeland coast:

A bike ride along the Helgeland coast, in Northern Norway, offers spectacular scenery, with towering peaks, stunning ocean vistas and sheltered bays.
There are thousands of islands in all kinds of sizes and shapes. You cycle along fjords, over bridges, and at the foot of majestic mountains.

Every day you’ll have the spectacular views of famous Norwegian landmarks: The Seven Sisters mountain range, The Mount Dønnamannen and Torghatten.
You also get to visit the island of Vega, and the island of Lovund, which is known for its large colony of puffins.
Helgeland is a unique, open landscape of sea and land, which also reflects the way fishermen and farmers have lived during the past 1500 years, still maintained as a vibrant community.

The landscape along the coast of Helgeland is easy to ride, with relatively low traffic on the main roads. Each day provides opportunities of making your own daytrips by inserting your own choice of detours.
The hills will probably not take your breath away, but the sights and the wonderful scenery will.

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Hurtigruten from Trondheim to Brønnøysund www.hurtigruten.no

Train to Mosjøen or Mo i Rana, please see NSB: www.nsb.no

Ferries/Speed boat:

Brønnøysund – Vega:                                            Rute 18-151 tts.no

Horn – Igerøy:                                                       Rute 18-152 tts.no (Distance Igerøy ferry quay to Rørøy ferry: ca. 8 – 9 km)

Horn – Andalsvåg                  Rute 18-153 tts.no

Forvik – Tjøtta                       Rute 18-162 boreal.no

Hurtigruten is arriving Brønnøysund daily.             hurtigruten.com/no/

Stokkvågen – Onøy – Sleneset – Lovund             Rute 18-344 boreal.no

Rødøyruten                                                            Rute 18-411 torghatten-nord.no

Rødøybassenget                                                     Rute 18-412 torghatten-nord.no

Trænaruten                                                            Rute 18-191 boreal.no

Nesna – Nesnaøyene                                              Rute 18-336 boreal.no

Stokkvågen – Træna                                              Rute 18-192 boreal.no

Nordlandsexpressen                                               Rute 23-731 torghatten-nord.no

Onøy – Stokkvågen – Lurøysteder                        Rute 18-193 torghatten-nord.no

Vassdalsvik – Ørnes – Meløysund – Bolga – Støtt Rute 18-435 torghatten-nord.no

Speed boat in Meløy Rute 18-433 torghatten-nord.no

Jektvik – Kilboghamn Rute 18-414 torghatten-nord.no

Forøy – Ågskardet Rute 18-421 torghatten-nord.no

Vassdalsvik – Ørnes – Meløysund –Bolga – Støtt Rute 18-435 torghatten-nord.no

Hurtigbåtrute i Meløy Rute 18-433 torghatten-nord.no

Rødøybassenget                                                    Rute 18-412 torghatten-nord.no

Rødøyruten                                                            Rute 18-411 torghatten-nord.no

Nordlandsexpressen                                              Rute 23-731 torghatten-nord.no

Sandnessjøen – Austbø – Herøysteder – Vega     Rute 18-172 boreal.no

Dønna (Bjørn) – Sandnessjøen:                             Rute 18-181 boreal.no

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