Welcome to Grimstad in Southern Norway! Between the islets and reefs, on the lower part of the long land, lies the idyllic town of Grimstad, with white wooden houses and many summer tourists.

Grimstad has beautiful nature areas, museums and other attractions worth seeing, easily accessible by bike. Long or short trip, along the beaches or inland, Grimstad offers a variety of lovely cycling trips.

Spend a full day on a round trip, or have a proper cycling workout. We would recommend a little detour to the many small sandy beaches among many islets in our archipelago. At the tourist office you can rent a 15 foot open plastic boat with 8HP engine. Life jackets are also available here. If you are a bit more together you can rent a charter boat for a lovely trip on the fjord for swimming, sunbathing or fishing.

Places of interest

Strand Hotell Fevik

Overnatting Restaurant

Historical and exotic hotel by the beach in Fevik near Grimstad.

Grimstad Tourist Office

Tourist information

A wide range of routes are available, and the terrain is gentle. The town is also the perfect base from which to explore the coastline as well as the inland.Bicycles can be hired at the tourist office. Visitors with boats moored in the guest harbour only pay half the hire charge.

Route tip

Visit Grimstad as a part of the Southern Norway archipelago route with a detour to Denmark by boat: Kristiansand – Hirtshals – Larvik – Grimstad – Kristiansand.

Marivold 16 km

Follow the national cycle route no. 1 towards Arendal. You can see the Grimstad church and Grimstad town hall to the left, follow the the cycle path across Biesletta. Cross the road at the entrance to Bieheia, then follow the cycle path on the right side of the road to Vikkilen. At Vikkilen, turn right and follow the signposts for Rønnes. After Drottningborg you pass Hesnes nursery, where you can buy refreshments, vegetables or fresh pastries. Promoting at Rønnes you have a nice view over to the city. Follow the road ahead. After a few hundred meters you cross the sea on a narrow wooden bridge and enter the area at Marivold camping. Here it may suit both a break and a bath. Follow the road through the campsite, further through the forest until you encounter a major road (Hesnesveien). Turn right and follow the road back to town.

Rorerunden 12 km

Follow the national cycle route # 1 out of town. First along the piers, then you pass by Oddensenteret shopping centre on Bark Silas road to Felleskjøpet. Further along Rv 420, straight ahead past the Ericsson building. At Statoil keep straight ahead and cross the E-18 under the road. Continue straight ahead on route no. 1, past Oasen Hageland and the exit to the Prestegårdsskogen until crossing with signposting towards the intersection. There you cross the main road and continue on the small dirt road – keep to the left. After about 600 meters you are back on the pedestrian and cycle path. Keep straight ahead a few meters and then cross the road. Follow the signs to Rosholt. You are now on the route for Grimstad / Frolandsbanen (closed in 1961), and you cycle along the Rorevannet which is the drinking water source for Grimstad and Arendal. Fits the boom and continue straight. When you meet paved road at the power station, turn right towards Fjære church. It is worth taking a stop at Fjære church (built about 1150). Furthermore, you pass over the junction and follow the signs for the national bicycle route no. 1 back to town.

Around Syndle 47 km

Nice day trip tip: Follow the national cycle route no. 1 out of town right up to Landvik center school and Landvik retirement home. At the crossroads of Landvik retirement home you leave the national cycle route and turn right. Follow Rv 404 on Herefoss. From here, the terrain is a bit hilly. Pass by the village Skiftenes and Gurebo farm and gradually the climb begins upwards. In the middle of the slope, follow signs for Birkeland. Here you cycle on a dirt road. Follow the signs to Risdal. After a while you are back on the asphalt road. The last 2.5 km down towards Reddalsbygda and Reddalsvann are steep descents. At Landvik church follow signs to Risdal. Then follow the road straight ahead until you reach Bergemoen. There are several roads down to the center from here, but an alternative can be to follow the signs 420 straight to Grimstad.


The Western Norway Highway 26km

The King´s road, originally built around 1790, main road until 1905, 8 km reopened as a hiking trail in 1994. The old King’s road between Dolholt in Grimstad and Kaldvell in Lillesand is an idyllic road block.

The Eineid bridge over the Reddal Canal has been restored and you will find information boards along the road. By combining the roadblock with the use of forest roads, paths and low traffic roads, one can easily get good round loops of variable length.

Most of the old Western Norway Highway is closed for motorized traffic, and is recommended as a cycle route between Grimstad and Lillesand. This is a nice little tour on this road round trip Grimstad for those who do not want to cycle all the way to Lillesand.


Homborsund around Western Norway Highway 36 km

Continue on Western Norway Highway until Kaldvell. Lovely nature area with the opportunity to fish, and this is a nice spot for a break. At Kaldvell you leave Western Norway Highway and follow the old E18 back towards Grimstad. From Svennevig bridge it is time to follow the cycle path. At Lindtvedt you cross the road and cycle on the bicycle path on the right. Follow signs for Hombor and Eide on Eideveien. Continue straight onto the Eideveien / Homborsundveien junction. Turn right for a detour down to Kjekstadneset which is well worth a visit. Along the way, it is possible to stop by the convenience store for some treats. Kjekstadnestet is a great hiking area with fantastic views towards the sea and towards Homborsund lighthouse. On the way back, turn right at the intersection to return to old E18. Follow the pedestrian and cycle path past Nørholm. Follow signs to Østerhus / Holvika through the roundabout. Cycle past the descent to Østrehus and further straight ahead. Turn right towards Holvika in the next roundabout. Follow the environmental street further along the Holvikasvingen and back to the center.

Fjære kirke – Temse – Moysand – Grimstad 20 km

This trip is best suited for off-road bicycles due to the bad road in the forest between Fjære and Bjørnetrø.

  • Follow the national cycle route no. 1 along Smith Petersensgt towards Arendal. You pass Grimstad Church and Grimstad Town Hall on the left hand side on the way out of town.
  • Continue to follow red signs for route # 1 in the direction of Fjære church.
  • Turn right at Fjære church and follow the road straight until it crosses the E18.
  • Just before crossing the E18, turn left on the small gravel road. You are now on the old Western Norway Highway and will follow this road for 3 km.
  • When the road divides after 700 meters stay to the left.
  • After another 70 meters you will see signs with “prohibition for motorized traffic”, keep to the right.
  • The walk goes through dense woodland, great forests, but during periods of heavy rain the road can be very wet and muddy. This is the “Dark Road”, which is called the stretch between Bringsværd and Bjørnetrø.
  • Turn right. Follow the asphalt road until it meets the larger road, fit right over it, follow the sign for Lia.
  • Turn right and follow the walk and bike path further. When you meet Kleppkjærveien follow this gravel road up the hill.
  • The road divides into the ground, keep to the right, then you come out to the Oasen, Skogheim farm. Here you may get an ice cream, or a flower, for doing a great job so far.
  • Continue to the right on the footpath and cycle path, then cross the road and follow the signs to Moysand family campsite.
  • Slack descending right down to the beach at Moysand. At Moysand family campsite there is the opportunity for both food, bath, play and fun. Take a break here from Moysand, follow the way back. After about 1 km you will see the road with a 40km / h sign. Here you follow the small forest road that goes to the left. Follow this along the golf course on the headland. When you meet the asphalt road, (Hesnesveien) keep to the right. Follow this to the junction in Vikkilen, keep to the left, and follow the signs back to the center.

Fevik om Hasseltangen 26 km

Fin 26 km lang tur. Mye flatt og fint terreng, men deler av turen er uten gang- og sykkelvei. Noe grusvei.

Fra turistkontoret følg Smith Petersens gate mot Arendal. Du passerer Grimstad kirke og Grimstad rådhus på venstre side og følger videre gang-og sykkelvei over Biesletta. Kryss over veien ved innkjøringa til Bieheia og følg deretter gang-og sykkelvei på høyre side til Vikkilen. Følg skilting mot Fevik.

I Vikkrysset tar du til høyre og følger gang-og sykkelvei langs Rv 420 mot Fevik. I 40 sonen må du krysse over veien til gang-og sykkelvei på venstre side. Etter noen km, der utsikten åpnes mot havet, ser du idylliske Strand Hotel Fevik. Ytterst på pynten ligger Sandodden fort. Videre må du over på høyre side, følg fortau til Fevik. På Feviktoppen tar du inn til høyre, så andre avkjørsel til høyre igjen. Feviktoppen har et lite handlesenter. Fortsett forbi Fevik park på venstre side og Fevik arbeidskirke på høyre side. Følg skilter mot Søm/ Haugenes.

Det er ikke gang-og sykkelvei langs Sømsveien mot Hasseltangen. Alternativ sykkelvei: se forslag under. Etter å ha passert Haugeneskrysset sykler du rett frem til du kommer til Hasseltangen. I enden av p-plassen tar du opp en grusvei til venstre for å komme helt ut til Hasseltangen. På tilbaketuren tar du til høyre i første kryss mot Birketveit.

I krysset ved Rv 420, ta til venstre mot Fevik. Etter Rideskolen som du passerer på venstre side, tar du over veien og følger skilt mot Lunde. I enden av denne veien kommer du til et T kryss, her tar du til venstre mot Lia. Fortsett rett frem til bilvei møter gang-og sykkelvei. Følg denne mot Vik/Grimstad. Like før Vikkrysset må du over gangfeltet til høyre side, følg gang-og sykkelvei under Rv 420. Herfra følger du gangog sykkelvei tilbake til Grimstad.

Alt. 1. Ta inn til høyre mot Storesand, sykle videre forbi Randvika. På toppen av P-plassen fortsetter du nedover mot vestre, følg hovedveien til du kommer til Haugenes krysset, videre til høyre mot Hasseltangen.


Det finnes flere muligheter for å komme seg til Grimstad, både fra inn – og utland. For mer informasjon, se reiseinformasjon til Grimstad


Turistkontoret leier ut forskjellige typer sykler med diverse utstyr og har turforslag samt sykkelturer med guide om sommeren.

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