Welcome to Grimstad in Southern Norway! Between the islets and reefs, on the lower part of the long land, lies the idyllic town of Grimstad, with white wooden houses and many summer tourists.

Grimstad has beautiful nature areas, museums and other attractions worth seeing, easily accessible by bike. Long or short trip, along the beaches or inland, Grimstad offers a variety of lovely cycling trips.

Spend a full day on a round trip, or have a proper cycling workout. We would recommend a little detour to the many small sandy beaches among many islets in our archipelago. At the tourist office you can rent a 15 foot open plastic boat with 8HP engine. Life jackets are also available here. If you are a bit more together you can rent a charter boat for a lovely trip on the fjord for swimming, sunbathing or fishing.

Places of interest

Marivold Resort


Der landet møter havet ligger Marivold! Marivold er opprinnelig en halvøy, en naturperle midt i Grimstads flotte skjærgård. Her ute finner du store grøntområder, små viker, strender og svaberg – en ekte bit av Sørlandet.

Scandic Grimstad

Accommodation Restaurant Bike rental

Experience the beautiful archipelago on the south coast. Our homely hotel in the middle of Grimstad is a perfect base for exploring the charming small town.

Strand Hotell Fevik

Overnatting Restaurant

Historical and exotic hotel by the beach in Fevik near Grimstad.

Grimstad Tourist Office

Tourist information Bike rental

A wide range of routes are available, and the terrain is gentle. The town is also the perfect base from which to explore the coastline as well as the inland.Bicycles can be hired at the tourist office. Visitors with boats moored in the guest harbour only pay half the hire charge.

In Grimstad, the routes to choose from are many. Make your trip long or short; ride along the beaches, or explore the inland. Spend the whole day on a roundtrip, or use it as a training session. Here you will find 13 different routes described – all with the tourist information as starting point. The first is the shortest; the last is the longest. If you would like to attempt the favourite training rides of Dag Otto Lauritzen and Thor Hushovd, opt for the ones marked “Thor & Dag Otto’s Cycle Routes”. By following the recommended routes, you will also have the option to include detours. Find your favourite spot, take a break by the seaside, enjoy some fishing, or take in the spectacular views from a vantage point.

Have a good trip!

The lake Rore round 12 km

An easy ride, ideal for families with children. The route follows either cycle paths or quiet roads, and has no steep climbs.

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The Marivold round 17 km

Marivold is a beautiful peninsula that allows you to experience the skerries from the mainland. The swimming opportunities are excellent around the Marivoll campsite. A trip up to Rossekniben is the children’s favourite, and you can try your luck fishing at Smørsundet.

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The Temse round 21 km

A nice trip with both forest and sea. It is best suited for mountain biking.

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Vestlandske hovedvei 24 km

Experience the historic and old Vestlandske hovedvei – an idyllic but partly demanding bike ride.

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The Fevik round 26 km

Take a bike ride into the RAET National Park.

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Ebb & flow 37 km

Excellent combination of coastal and inland scenery. A ride where you get to sample the very best of Grimstad’s skerries, with numerous opportunities for a swim or a bite to eat along the way. This is one of the five rides of Thor & Dag Otto’s Cycle Routes.

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Homborsund via Vestlandske hovedvei 38 km

Idyllic ride along the old main route to Western Norway to the charming Homborsund – but a hilly and challenging route.

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The climbing challenge 41 km

This is one of the five rides of Thor & Dag Otto’s Cycle Routes, and is Dag Otto Lauritzen’s favourite interval training. The route incorporates Grøslekleivene – the ideal spot to test your climbing abilities. Beautiful inland!

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The Froland round 46 km

Would you like to try out one of the most popular training routes used by the region’s racing cyclists? Are you ready for a high-pace ride with few climbs? This is a route that invites speed, and yet is packed with experiences and spectacular scenery. It is one of the five rides of Thor & Dag Otto’s Cycle Routes.

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The Syndle round 47 km

Spectacular ride, but some hilly and challenging terrain. Idyllic scenery with numerous picturesque lakes and excellent fishing opportunities along the way.

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Arendal – The long way around 49 km

This is one of the five rides of Thor & Dag Otto’s Cycle Routes. If you would like to explore the coastline between Grimstad and Arendal, Thor Hushovd’s roundabout route to Arendal is the perfect choice: Idyllic South Norwegian scenery, urban life, and excellent swimming opportunities. A stunningly beautiful route – but long and demanding.

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The Farm 51 km

On this bike ride, you can see many beautiful farms and you pass by e.g. Berli Gård, which has been the farm on the TV program “Farmen” in 2013. Nice trip on mostly quiet roads with good fishing opportunities.

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Western winds 65 km

This is one of the five rides of Thor & Dag Otto’s Cycle Routes. A beautiful ride to idyllic Lillesand and spectacular Brekkestø.

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