Geilo is one of the nation ‘s leading regional bicycle and a bicycle paradise with a wide range of mountain biking, familybiking, trailbiking and also extreme biking.

Geilo is also a good starting point for several national cycle routes:

The Old Navvy road: Haugastøl – Finse – Flåm/Voss

The hallingdalen route: Geilo – Nesbyen

The Numedal cycleroute: Geilo – Kongsberg – Larvik

Cyclists Welcome destinations save you from the fuss of handling luggage and changing place of accommodation every day.

Trail-riding in Hallingdal

Choose between simple and relatively flat trails in the mountains or a challenging mountain tour. Get ideas for cycling routes and trails in Geilo and the rest of Hallingdal here: trail guide for Hallingdal made by local enthusiasts.

You can cycle roads and trails on uncultivated land, leading to uncultivated land, and all over the mountains. Cycling is prohibited in Hallingskarvet National Park, and in Hardangervidda National Park cycling is only allowed on the Tinnhølvegen road and approved tractor roads.

Cyclists own rules for trail-riding:

  1. Be considerate and nice when encountering hikers.
  2. You must always yield to pedestrians.
  3. Slow down so that you are not at risk or inconvenience to others, particularly along roads and trails which allows high speed, or in parts of the route with limited line of sight.
  4. Slow down to walking speed in good time before passing others on a narrow trail.
  5. Don´t create any new marks and trails in the nature. If you don´t have the skills to pass an obstacle, please get off the bike.
  6. Avoid cycling on particularly vulnerable trails after heavy rain.
  7. Do not broaden the trail by cycling around puddles or other obstacles.
  8. Carry your bike through marshlands to avoid creating deep marks.
  9. Do not lock your rear wheel when going downhill.
  10. If two cyclists meet in a hill, the one going downhill must yield to the cyclist going uphill.

Places of interest

Bardøla Høyfjellshotell


Welcome to Bardøla! Bardøla is Geilo’s classic high-mountain hotel. The hotel is beautifully situated within walking distance from the city centre of Geilo.

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Disse rutene er fine å kombinere med sykkelferie i Geilo

Related cycling routes

Great local routes

Her er noen fine småturer og dagsturer i området.

Local cycling routes