Geilo is one of the nation ‘s leading regional bicycle and a bicycle paradise with a wide range of mountain biking, familybiking, trailbiking and also extreme biking.

Geilo is also a good starting point for several national cycle routes:

The Old Navvy road: Haugastøl – Finse – Flåm/Voss

The hallingdalen route: Geilo – Nesbyen

The Numedal cycleroute: Geilo – Kongsberg – Larvik

Cyclists Welcome destinations save you from the fuss of handling luggage and changing place of accommodation every day.

Trail-riding in Hallingdal

Choose between simple and relatively flat trails in the mountains or a challenging mountain tour. Get ideas for cycling routes and trails in Geilo and the rest of Hallingdal here: trail guide for Hallingdal made by local enthusiasts.

You can cycle roads and trails on uncultivated land, leading to uncultivated land, and all over the mountains. Cycling is prohibited in Hallingskarvet National Park, and in Hardangervidda National Park cycling is only allowed on the Tinnhølvegen road and approved tractor roads.

Cyclists own rules for trail-riding:

  1. Be considerate and nice when encountering hikers.
  2. You must always yield to pedestrians.
  3. Slow down so that you are not at risk or inconvenience to others, particularly along roads and trails which allows high speed, or in parts of the route with limited line of sight.
  4. Slow down to walking speed in good time before passing others on a narrow trail.
  5. Don´t create any new marks and trails in the nature. If you don´t have the skills to pass an obstacle, please get off the bike.
  6. Avoid cycling on particularly vulnerable trails after heavy rain.
  7. Do not broaden the trail by cycling around puddles or other obstacles.
  8. Carry your bike through marshlands to avoid creating deep marks.
  9. Do not lock your rear wheel when going downhill.
  10. If two cyclists meet in a hill, the one going downhill must yield to the cyclist going uphill.

Places of interest

Geilolia has created several trails for downhill cycling. Take the chairlift up and challenge yourself a little or a lot in one of the paths down from Geiloliatoppen. You will find trails to suit the entire family, you can choose whether to take an easy or a little more extreme course.

Gelid Holiday, skisenter, bikepark, sykkelløyperTrail Facts:
Number of trails: 10 (included 4 trails for children from 5 years)
Longest trail length: 2,2km
Combined total trails: 9,9km
Vertial drop: 278 m

Geiloliaheisen is open every weekend throughout the autumn between. 11:00 to 4:00 p.m.. In the autumn holiday park is open every day.

Geilo Recreation Park has mountain bikes, downhill bikes and beskyttelsesytstyr for rent. Geilolia is the perfect place for people who want to learn mountain biking. In the family trail Bear Trail, you will find a barbecue place where the whole family can enjoy barbecue and lovely views to Hallingskarvet National Park.

Bear trail – downhill for beginners

The Bear Trail is a trail the whole family can enjoy, it has plenty of room, nice view, and as much or as little speed as you wish. This is a nice 2325m cycle trail that is absolutely perfect for beginners and those who have never tried downhill biking before.

Slakter’n – singletrack

Drops, jumps, bumps and bridges are to be found in Slakter’n. There is no machine dug motorway, just real singletrack, with some nice, steep and technical sections. The track is in constant development, built by the local volunteer group of avid cyclists.

Sunny Daze – singletrack

A blue trail that goes through woods, over bridges and moss rock on the way down to Geilolia. In the style of the other tracks, this also in “natural style”. A hand-made singletrack that fit into the beautiful mountain terrain.


Geilo, Hol and surrounding areas offer a variety of attractions. Visit one of the stave churches, local museums, og have a sightseeing trip to the Hardangervidda National Park.

Geilo Summer Park

Stort utvalg av aktiviteter for hele familien i Geilo Sommerpark:

  • Stolheis til Nasjonalparkutsikten
  • Geilo Høydepark
  • Rafting: rafteopplevelser på Numedalslågen
  • Duckies: to-persons rafteflåte som gir en fantastisk elveopplevelse
  • Geilo Paintballpark (NB! Stengt mens barneridningen pågår)
  • Rappellering
  • Natur- og Trollsafari: guidet natur- og trollsafari der vi ser etter elg og spor av troll. Turen går innom Langedrag Naturpark der vi også treffer ulver, gauper, reinsdyr, fjellrev og mange andre dyr.
  • Baneridning: foreldre kan følge med når barna rir sammen med godkjent instruktør fra Geilo Hestesenter
  • Geocaching: Geocaching er et verdensomspennende spill der man leter etter og gjemmer skatter.
  • Geilolia Bungeetrampoline: for litt store barn
  • Vestlia Golfbane: Geilo Sommerpark ligger 100 meter fra Thon Vestlia Resorts 9 hulls golfbane.
  • Sykkelutleie – Freeride sykler: terrengsykler fra Gary Fischer og skikkelige freeride sykler fra Mongoose og sikkerhetsutstyr fra Poc til utleie. Flott utgangspunkt for sykkelturer i nærområdet som for eksempel ‘Ustedalsfjorden rundt’.
  • Kanoutleie: lett tilgjengelig ved Ustedalsfjorden.

Bicycle Rental

In Geilo you can rent bikes at several establishments, sports shops in the center of Geilo, or at Geilo Holiday.

By your own car

Driving from Oslo to Geilo: 3 h 8 min

Driving from Bergen to Geilo: 3 h 45 min

Driving from Kristiansand to Geilo: 6 h 7 min

Driving from Larvik to Geilo: 3 h 51 min

By train

You can include regular bikes / bike trailer on NSB Regional and Local NSB. In some trains must be reserved space for bike and bike trailer. These are marked with a bicycle symbol in the timetable. NSB has daily trains to and from Geilo, Haugastøl, Finse and Myrdal. To reserve space for your bike on the train, call + 47815 00 888, ask for a service stations or read more at NSB.

Other public transport

Hallingdal Bus takes bikes on the routes in the area.
Geilo Taxi takes bicycle transport, 32 09 10 00
Sport1 Geilo organize transportation in connection with the rental, 32 09 55 80.

Related cycling routes

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Related cycling routes

Great local routes

Her er noen fine småturer og dagsturer i området.

Local cycling routes