Starting from Røyrvik in Nord-Trøndelag you can cycle Børgefjell National Park, with a border to Sweden.

Røyrvik offers a variety of cycling routes which for the time being are largely back and forth, making them suitable for all: when you´ve had enough you just turn around and go back.

Røyrvik and the surrounding areas of Børgefjell National Park is continuously developing more and more routes for you, offering nice little afternoon cycling trips to longer routes around the lakes of the area and towards the National Park. The routes are mostly following along or offering nice views towards magnificent lakes in the area and the mountains of the National Park.

Husvik route

This is a nice cycling route along the eastern part of Lake Vektern (Sami: Speerregejaevrie) passing by recent and older reinkru (reindeer enclosure) used for slaughtering and separating reindeer.

The route is mostly on asphalt, slightly hilly without any big differences in altitude. Gravel surface at the eastern part of the route. This bike route can easily be combined with the Rørfossrunden route and the Saksvassveien route.


Please contact Børgefjellsenteret for free maps with additional routes.

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Disse rutene er fine å kombinere med sykkelferie i Børgefjell

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Her er noen fine småturer og dagsturer i området.

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