Cheap cycling holiday

Cheap cycling holiday

Do you travel on a tight budget? Don´t worry, you can still get a wonderful cycling holiday in Norway! Here you will find great tips on how to make your cycling holiday cheap but still amazing!

Here are some tips on how to get a nice trip on an affordable holiday budget:

Use the equipment you have

Remember that you don´t need an expensive bike and lots of equipment to get a nice bike holiday. Most people can start with the bikes and outdoor equipment you already have. Whether it’s a fifteen year old mountain bike, or a three-gear city bike, getting out on a cycling tour is no problem. If you are in doubt whether you bike is good enough or not, you can pay a visit to a bike repair shop to check parts like brake pads and tires. This may very well be a good enough and a much cheaper investment than buying a brand new bike. If you need a new bike you can also check the 2nd hand market. Also remember that many cyclist welcome destinations and businesses have rental bicycles at reasonable prices.

Use your favorite, normal hiking or exercise clothes. Plain rainwear is also good enough. Tip: it´s comfortable to wear jackets with zippers that provide ventilation. Rain trousers with Velcro for tightening the trousers are great to keep the trousers away from the gear or chain.

If you plan to cycle several hours a day, maybe even for many days, you will soon thank yourself for purchasing a pair of bike trousers. These are available from ca NOK 400 here. These will make the trip much more comfortable, and can be used underneath shorts or trousers.

Check out your neighbourhood

Remember, you don´t have to travel far away to have a nice bike holiday. There are Syklist Welcome Destinations and many great cycling routes all over Norway, use your local area on vacation and explore the community or county you live in. See all the nice bike routes here or find a cyclist welcome destination near you. Find more inspiration in cycling guide books or bike magazines, get a map and make a itinerary. The planning is a huge part of the joy!

Tip: Take a local train or bus for an hour’s journey from home, and spend a weekend cycling back home again. Please ask the local tourist office for tips for nice places to ride.

Avoid high season

Don´t forget that it is really nice to travel on a bicycle holiday outside the high season: a long weekend in May or September offers nice temperatures for cycling, and you often get cheaper prices at many rental cabins.

Tip: Check typical winter destinations/skiing areas like Geilo, Golsfjellet and Valdres/Beitostølen, they often offer good deals on overnight accommodation in both cottages, holiday apartments and hotel rooms.

Accommodation in general does not cost a lot in Norway compared to other European countries. If you avoid alcohol and tobacco, the prices are reasonable. You can also go camping with your own tent to keep the budget down, simple cabins are also available. Hostels are also a cheap option, and they are found in a variety of places where you find nice cycling routes.

There is also a lot of cheap and good food you can make on the camping stove. Check recipes online, or get a book with recipes for camping stoves.