Western Stølsheimen

Overview of local routes

Granite cycling Engleberget

Svabergsykling i Stølsheimen Vest Drive to the base of granite cycling at Engleberget between Langevatnet and Storevatnet at approx. 700 masl. Here you will find some nice, flat granite that are great for beginners.

If you take a trip to Engleberget there are challenges enough for everyone. Find your own route as long and steep as you want!


Start at the bottom of Matre which you can reach by car or bus. Easy walk 5 km on road to Hummelfossen surrounded by a dramatic scenery. Recommended to combine with a trip up Stegane, bouldering or canyoning.


Start at Matre. A tour on the old road into Haugsdalen 10 km, also possible up to Fjon Fjellkirke 14 km.

The construction road in Stordalen

Start at Stordalen Camping (Light and pleasant ride on dirt road in mountainous terrain, 11 km one way)

The construction road in Haugsdal

Transportation to Svartavatnet 800 meters above sea level. Then there are 32 km almost only downhill to Matre via Haugsfjellet. A beautiful transition from mountain to sea, with many fine places to stop.

Matre – Stordalen – Bjordal – Ortnevik

A combination of the valley, mountains and fjords. 60 km. Eventually boat from Ortnevik to Vik / Noreide.

Matre – Brekke – Rutledal – Solund

Mountains, valleys, mountain passes, villages, landscapes, coastlines, islands and reefs, and Ferry. 90 km.

Matre – Sløvåg

Cycling from valleys and deep fjords to islets and reefs on the coast. Continue on The North Sea Cycleroute from Bergen. 46 km

Gulen Around

As Route 7, but you pass Gulen Dive Centre, Eivindvik and idyllic Dingja with islands in outer Sognefjord. Follow Route 6 backagain, past Botnen Camping and Brekkestranda Fjord Hotel. 150 km.

Stølsheimen Around

Fantastic trip, at least 3 days. Enjoy fjords, mountains, culture, ferry and four mountain passes (where transport can be arranged) – 270 km. A myriad of opportunities for activities and attractions on the trip from Matre to Romarheim, Mo, Nesheimsfjellet (national cycle route No. 4), Teigdalen, Voss, Myrkdalen, Vik, Ferry past Finnabotn to Ortnevik, Bjordal and Big Valley. Check timetables for the ferry that goes once a day on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat.