Route tips!

Can be combined with Rallarvegen

Continue with the express boat from Bergen to Sunnhordland or The Fjord coast north of Bergen

Voss – Bergen

Route Description and map

Start: Voss (Hordaland) or Bergen (Hordaland)
Finish: Bergen (Hordaland) or Voss (Hordaland)
Distance: 118 km
Ascent: Voss – Bergen, via Eksingedalen: 700 m

The route

The bike routes between Voss and Bergen are quiet, low traffic roads that ribbon through majestic mountains and clear blue waters of the fjords. National bike route nr. 4 through Eksingedalen is unique. Bikers travel from Voss to Evanger, at Evanger take a right and progress into Teigdalen. There is a challengingly steep ascent up Nesheimsfjellet (transportation can be arranged from Mestad Camping). The trip through Eksingedalen is easy for adults and children alike. Along Eidsfjord there are several narrow tunnels without lighting. All roads are asphalted. Avoid highway E16 from Evanger to Dale, and from Stanghelle to Bergen. There is train connection between Stanghelle and Bergen.

An alternative to the bike route via Eksingedalen is the scenic road over Hamlagrø. Bulken – Hamlagrø – Dale. A pleasant trip with varied mountainous terrain.

Family routes

The trails from Voss to Bergen (train from Stanghelle to Bergen) are suitable for families. For young children, transportation up Nesheimsfjellet is recommended. The trail takes the cyclist in close contact with rivers, waterfalls and fjords, a great experience for both adults and children. Overnight accomodations are available to those interested in more relaxation, fishing and swimming.

The bike route from Bulken – Hamlagrø – Dale is also child-friendly.

Osterøy tends to have more traffic.

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These trails are signposted:

”Cycling between Voss and Bergen” through Eksingedalen

Signposted with official signs from Evanger to Stanghelle. Route nr. 4.

Bulken – Hamlagrø – Dale

Signposted with blue hiking and biking signs.

Indre Arna – Garnes – Osterøy Bridge

Signposted with blue hiking and biking signs.


Midway between Voss and Bergen you will find Osterfjord – an area characterized by contrasts between the high mountains and the deep fjord. The area offers a journey in an historic landscape, and cycling is excellent for experiencing it. You can settle in at the beautiful Eksingedalen and combine cycling with hiking in the beautiful and dramatic Stølsheimen. If you would you like to cycle there are construction roads into the mountains, for those who want the real scenery and some challenges.

You can choose several routes on the way to Bergen:

(Note: In the stretch Stanghelle-Bergen and Bergen-Stanghelle you must, due to tunnels use trains instead! See for timetables and further information)

Cycling in Teigdalen and Eksingedalen, national cycle no.4 in the west country’s most beautiful valleys

From Voss, you cycle along Vangsvatnet to Bulken, and then to Evanger, where you take off towards Eksingedalen. The trip goes through Teigdalen and up Nesheimsfjellet 720 m. Here you will get a fantastic view. Down Eksingedalen climbs a fantastic waterfall landscape until the valley meets the fjord. In Eksingedalen there are several accommodation, and also other activities like fishing and hiking. The tour is great for families with children. From the saddle you will get a first class experience of the coastal landscape and old art along the road from Eidslandet towards Dale. You pass Hesjedal waterfall with 70 meters. Here is a nice picnic spot. You can cycle to the industrial town of Dale and on to Stanghelle and then take the train to Bergen. NB! Because of tunnels you must take the train from Stanghelle to Bergen.

The old main road between Voss and Dale

The trip goes from Voss along Vangsvatnet to Bulken. From Bulken you follow the signs to Hamlagrø. From the mountain you will find farms in a row all the way down Bergsdalen, and in Lid, you can experience real farm accommodation. The Dam at Storefossen marks the start of the descent. The route is marked with blue signs.

Fjord Cycling on Osterøy

One other way to reach The Osterfjord area is to take the train from Bergen to Arna. You can cycle to Garnes via the Osterfjord bridge. On Osterøy you can take your bike along the individual paths to the fjord country or across the island to a beautiful landscape and mountainous area. Osterøy has many cultural treasures worth a visit, for example Havråtunet, Ole Bull house, and Hamre church.

Modalen, the small municipality with the great nature

Modalen is a nice area, and a good startingpoint for cycling in the valley, you can cycle the main road to Steinsland, the gateway to Stølsheimen. This is a great trip for families with children. In Mo there is a beautiful sandy beach and cafe / accommodation.

Remember to buy provisions before you embark on day trips, food can also be arranged from Cyclists Welcome companies. There are not many eating places on these routes. The shops have shorter opening hours.