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Overview of local routes

  • 1.Route 1. Lødingen – Raftsundet
  • 2.Route 2. Sortland – Hanøy
  • 3.Route 3. Melbu – Frøskeland
  • 4.Route 4. Sortland – Bø
  • 5.Route 5. Sortland – Stø
  • 6.Route 6. Sortland – Andenes
  • Vesterålen

    Brief introduction

    Bleiksstranda, Vesterålen

    Experiencing Vesterålen by automobile is fine, but the adventure is undoubtedly better when you travel the roads by bicycle. Cycling around Vesterålen opens for magic experiences for the visitor who has sufficient time to take one day at a time. You can chart out a suitable daily route that lets you travel at your own speed and enjoy as much as possible of the region. The routes are easy to cycle, with very little hilly terrain and many stretches that are practically free of motorised traffic. In other words, the roads are suitable for bicycles with a trailer and a small amount of baggage cargo.

    You can stop along the way for a picnic on the shoreline or a taste of Vesterålen at one of the cafés or restaurants. If you need accommodation, you will find something to your liking, whether it is a chalet, a seaside lodge, fisherman’s cabin or hotel room

    6 different suggestions

    1. Route 1. Lødingen – Raftsundet
    2. Route 2. Sortland – Hanøy
    3. Route 3. Melbu – Frøskeland
    4. Route 4. Sortland – Bø
    5. Route 5. Sortland – Stø
    6. Route 6. Sortland – Andenes

    New bide-guide for Vesterålen!

    We have made a new bike-guide for Vesterålen. The guide includes general information and 6 bike-routes. The map are made of water-resistant material and the formate is suited to be placed in front of the bike. By the new bike-guide for Vesterålen