Route Tips

Continue on The Hallingdalen route to Bergsjøområdet in Ål or to Geilo

Kan også kombinere Can also be combined with s med The Numedal cycleroute

The Norefjell route

Brief introduction

Norefjellsruta fra Bromma til Åmot

The Norefjell route from Bromma to Åmot is part of the national cycle route No. 4, which stretches from Bergen to Drammen. Along this part of the route there are several major attractions in an exciting cultural landscape

  • Norefjell
  • Krøderen
  • Krøderbanen
  • Fairytale castle on Villa Fridheim
  • The Cobalt Mines
  • Blaafarveværket Museum
  • Vassfaret Bjørnepark (Bear Park) in Flå