Route Tips!

The Helgeland coast

Brief introducion

Island Hopping by Bike in Helgeland!Island hopping in Helgeland, Norway

You will soon realize that cycling is the best way of getting around in Helgeland. You choose your own speed and can decide just how demanding your trip will be.

Stop whenever you like, not because you are tired, but because you will want to admire the landscape or take in the natural fragrances. Your ride will take you along the shoreline so there will not be too many steep climbs. And when you look up at the mountains on the way, you just might contemplate the challenge of a mountain hike. Or … with the sea lying calm ahead of you, and not a ripple as far as the eye can see, you may decide to rent a kayak. There is a wealth of opportunity, the choice is yours.


Ready-made packages

Does it sound convenient to have someone plan your trip for you? There are several packages available in the area:

Norske Bygdeopplevelser: Norway’s biggest incoming tour operator on cycling packages: 7 days island hopping along the coast of Helgeland

Helgeland Reiseliv: local tourist information package deals