The Silver road

Brief introduction

Smedbrua på Sølvveien til Kongsberg

The old Royal road, “Silver road” is Norway’s oldest road and national road, built by Christian IV in 1624 for transportation of silver ore from Kongsberg silver mines to Haugsund (Hokksund), where the ore was transported down the Drammen river. The road, however, was quickly extended to Bragernes and Christiania.

Today the road is a great experience by bike, the route goes all the way from Oslo to Kongsberg.

On the old Silver Road pass by one of the oldest stone arch bridges, blacksmith bridge. You can also swim in the lake and Fiskum Eikeren and visit Fossesholm mansion and Vestfossen on the road.

The Silver road route:

Oslo – Sandvika – Nesbru – Holmen – Slemmestad – Spikkestad – Lierbyen – Drammen – Hokksund – Vestfossen – Sundhaugen – Darbu – Kongsberg