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Geilo is a good starting point for Rallarvegen: here you will also find good mountain biking opportunities for all ages

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Total 123 km service road that runs along the Bergen Railway from Haugastøl to Myrdal and Flåm, as well as from Upsete to Voss.


* Haugastøl - Flåm: 80 km
* Finse - Flåm: 57 km
* Haugastøl - Voss 108 km
* Haugastøl - Myrdal: 63 km
* Myrdal - Flåm: 18,5 km

Rallarvegen – The Navvies’ Road

Route Description and map

Rallarvegen. Foto: Dagrun Nubdal

Haugastøl or Finse(alternatively you can start from Hallingskeid)

Flåm or Voss

The route:
Gentle uphill climb from Haugastøl (900 m.) to Finse (1222 m.) and Fagervatn (1343 m. above sea level). The Flåm railway station is 2 m. above sea level, so from Fagervatn to Flåm it’s mostly down-hill with just a few inclines en route.

The weather at these heights can change quickly from beautiful sunshine to blustering winds and snow-storms in the middle of summer. There can be quite a lot of snow at the start of the season, so remember to pack warm clothing: headgear, gloves and rainwear. Tyre repair kits and a spare tyre and inner tube are “musts”. The season starts approx. 15 July and ends in the beginning of September.

This trip can also be combined with cycling Voss-Bergen.

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Family routes:
Parts of the trail are rather rough and ready making it unsuitable for children under 12 years on their own bikes.

The trail is signposted. Some very steep stretches coming down the Flåmsdalen valley, so cycle with care. Local traffic to and from the mountain farms and pastures.

Rallarmuseet Finse, PB 4, 5719 Finse, tlf. 56 52 69 66, fax. 56 52 68 36,,

For updated route information for the Navvies’ Road:

The Navvies’ Road is both an incredible scenic experience and part of Norway’s national heritage. The trail, built as a supply road during the construction of the Bergen Railway which opened in 1909, is built entirely by hand. From the trail you can see old stone bridges, workman’s huts, snow-shelters and snow-breakers, and the old houses, homes of guards and construction engineers. The guard’s house at Fagenut (1340 m above sea level!) was in use from 1904 until 1964.

The breathtaking terrain varies a great deal from Arctic mountain ranges to the lush Flåmdalen (Flåm Valley). On the stretch down to Voss through wild and rugged west coast scenery you pass old rural environments.

Because there’s usually quite a lot of snow in the mountains at the start of the season, you will have to take the train to Hallingskeid and start from there. Remember, the landscape is vulnerable, think before you do anything that might harm it. Take your rubbish with you and use the toilets along the Navvies’ Road, they are put there for your convenience. Cabins and other privately owned properties are “off limits” – no camping etc. here, please! For the safety of domestic animals and wild-life, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

The Navvies’ Road starts at Haugastøl with a gentle uphill-climb to Storurdi and Finse. It carries on uphill to Fargenut and then down to Hallingskeid on stony, gravel surfaces. From Klevagjelet to Myrdal the road is steep and can, in parts, be a little dangerous, so be careful and wheel your bike if necessary. The road from Myrdal through Flåmsdalen to Flåm is steep and winding. The Flåm railway will take you back up to Myrdal, through the Gråvhals tunnel to Upsete, and from here it’s all down-hill to Mjøfjell and Voss.