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Geilo is a good starting point for Rallarvegen: here you will also find good mountain biking opportunities for all ages

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Total 123 km service road that runs along the Bergen Railway from Haugastøl to Myrdal and Flåm, as well as from Upsete to Voss.


* Haugastøl - Flåm: 80 km
* Finse - Flåm: 57 km
* Haugastøl - Voss 108 km
* Haugastøl - Myrdal: 63 km
* Myrdal - Flåm: 18,5 km

Rallarvegen – The Navvies’ Road

Brief introducion


Rallarvegen, following the outskirts of the Hardangervidda Plateau, leads you along the Bergen Railway Line from Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and down to Flåm. It is also possible to follow the road down to Voss. The road by itself is an attraction, but it also brings you through a fantastic highland area starting at 1000 meters above sea level, peaking at 1300 meters before descending to the fjord.

Rallarvegen is the most popular cycling route in Norway, offering both a historical and close-to-nature adventure. The road was hand-made and used as a transportation route during the building of the Bergenbanen railway from 1895-1902. All along the route you will come across preserved cultural treasures from this period, like railway workers barracks and stone bridges. The scenery varies immensely, from Arctic high mountain nature across Hardangervidda to the opulent green Flåmsdalen valley.

When to cycle Rallarvegen

Statistically, the most snow on Finse is found early May. After that the snow melts quickly, but it is not possible to cycle the entire Navvies’ Road until early / middle of July. It is possible to cycle the Navvies’ Road earlier by cycling from Haugastøl to Finse, then go by train to Hallingskeid / Myrdal and cycle down to Flåm. When this is possible is hard to say – this varies every year.

The cycling season normally ends in the end of September.