National cycle routes

Brief introduktion

Nasjonale Sykkelruter oversiktskart Stiftelsen Sykkelturisme.Bicycling is an excellent means of transport, even on vacation!

Norway has many well-planned sign-posted routes. A special cyclist’s map, route description and other relevant information is available. They vary in length, scenery and attractions, but they are all spectacular! You can cycle through forests or valleys, along fjords or up in the mountains and visit some of the several small towns of Norway. You can either hire a cycle or bring your own. You can plan your own trip, or to be at the safe side, order an organised package.

Please note that not all sites are ready for Cyclists in relation to signage, tunnels closed to cyclists or sheltered stretches with too much traffic, so you should check with the tourist offices in the area you want to ride in before you go on tour. Reporting of inadequate signage is to be made directly to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on telephone 175, it will then be logged and forwarded to the appropriate person.

See large national cycling map for route suggestions(2MB)