Brief introducion

Bicycling – in the archipelago town of Grimstad

Welcome to Grimstad in southern Norway! Between the islands, on the lower part of the vast country, lies the idyllic town, Grimstad, with white wooden houses and many summer tourists

Grimstad has beautiful natural areas, museums and other things that are worth seeing and that is easily accessible by bike. Long or short ride along the beaches or inland, your choice. Use a whole day on a round, or take a training. You choose the shape, weather and road conditions.

Take a short detour to the many small beaches among countless islands in our vast archipelago. At the tourist office, rent a 15 foot open plastic boat with 8 HP motor. Life jackets are also included. If you are a little more together, you can hire a charter boat for a lovely trip on the fjord for swimming, sunbathing or fishing.