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Cyclist Welcome

Good service for cyclists

Syklist Velkommen bedrift: Bjørgs B&B.All companies on these pages have decided to be particularly good hosts for cyclists, and we have therefore made some specific demands to the companies that you as a cyclist will benefit from:

  • Focus especially on cyclists and be serviceminded
  • good information about the bike route and attractions along the route
  • good information about nearby attractions
  • good information on public transport
  • live and eat well along the way, and have opportunities to make food for the next day
  • offer secure bicycle parking
  • offer bike hire or have a deal with someone who has
  • have repair kits available
  • provide weather forecasts to the guests

Many will also offer:

  • facilities for washing and drying clothes
  • luggage transport
  • a space where you can claen your bike

as a cyclist you are especially welcome here!