Cycling-friendly destinations

Since 1998, Cycle Tourism in Norway has worked to make it as safe, easy and pleasant as possible for those who want to use bike in their holiday. Since then, national bicycle routes, bike guides with maps, cyclist friendly accomodations and a website for cycling holidays, has been developed.

The national routes require multiple nights at different places along the route. It is perfect for many, but for those who want’s to stay in one place for a long time in their holidays, we have developed the first cyclist-friendly destination! You can read more about them and what it means to be a Cyclist-Friendly destinations on these pages.

If you choose to spend tour holiday in one of these places, or are lucky enough to live on a cyclist-friendly destination, you can be sure you are well taken care of as a bicycle tourist!

The feeling one is left with in the evening after a nice bike ride with good experiences are indescribable. Just try, we guarantee a good mood!